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Welcome to another episode of KidflashDBN’s Place. Something happens eariler on Twitter that almost made me second guess myself and who i am. I wouldn’t go into details but it made me realize that i want to do the things that makes happy no matter what people think or say. So i will continue to do what makes me happy and this and my other social media accounts will reflect this and i will not let no one stop me . This is part of self-growth and part of my journey. Change is coming in many forms for me. Also i want to say this before i go: if you let something or someone ruin your experience with something, maybe it’s time for you to look inside yourself and make changes of your own. Thanks for reading and being on this journey with me. See you next time for a new season.

13.8: Quick One

Welcome to another episode of KidflashDBN’s Place. Got and finished Gundam OO Diver this week. Kamen Rider Zi-O scans are out and i like them. Hope the show is good. Working on new project for Kamen Rider Saga: Kamen Rider Matrix Neo,the final part of the Matrix saga and final Heisei JMC Tokusatsu Universe Rider. See you next time.