12.4: Faiz ?

welcome to another episode of KidflashDBN’s Place. doing a rewatch of Kamen Rider Faiz and i have some questions.

1. how did Takumi become a orphinoch in the 1st place?

2.how did Lucky Clover get formed?

3. did the kid who became King cause the fire that killed his parents?

4. why we love Kaixa so?

5. why did they added the dumb abd pointlest humans hate orphinoch subplot?

6. what really is the true ending of the series because the ending was bad?

see you next time.


2 thoughts on “12.4: Faiz ?

  1. ashiusx

    1. He was killed in a fire and afterward reborn as an Orphnoch.
    2. It was formed by the elite Orphnoch working for Smart Brain.
    3. Presumably no, because he didn’t have special powers until he was reborn as an Orphnoch,
    4. Not everyone likes Kaixa. There are myriad of reasons why. Because people want to go against the trend and say they like him to be cool. He’s viewed almost as a villain. They just found him entertaining. Etc.
    5. Because of the existence Orphnoch brings up the question what does it mean to be human.
    6. While the ending is poor, it’s always debatable how the poor ending is. I thought Den-O and Ryuki’s was worse.


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